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Custom French Maid Designs with Made to Measure - Our Five Star Service

We offer custom French maid designs, made to measure tailoring service, for the ultimate personalised styling with perfect fitting.
You can also have a French Maid dress with locks / lockable options.
You need only supply, your personal measurements.
These can be easily and simply measured by yourself, by following our straightforward measurement outline.
We will subsequently create, custom tailored garment patterns and drawings, for your personal size profile.

Your technical patterns and design drawings are individually made, by our design office staff, using skilled pattern design / creation techniques.
This is very much a personal practice procedure, founded on our deep experience.
Technical styling, pattern composition, shaping and detailed fitting profiles are our characteristic strengths.

Your garments are then custom made, based completely on your personal measurements and body profile.
This process results in ultimately good fitting garments, tailor made to your personal profile.
Our impeccable standard of fitting, is achieved simply and without any fuss, whatever your size.

Required Size Measurements for the Five Star Made to Measure Service

Required personal profile measurements, as shown on the Figure, are listed below:

Measurements should be undertaken, directly on the body or while wearing only a thin top.
Keep the tape measure level; it should not be loose or tight and be able to slide slightly.
We interpret the measurements, to create a comfortable fitting.

Custom Made to Measure Measurement Outline Diagram for

If you prefer, you can also just note your measurements, using the English unit of inches.


Measurement    A    Height:    Measured without shoes ........ cm.

Measurement    B    Sleeve Length:    From Shoulder joint (collar bone) until Wrist joint ........ cm.

Measurement    C    Bust Circumference including Bra:    Around chest over bust and shoulder blades ........ cm.

Measurement    D    Waist:    Circumference around waist ........ cm.

Measurement    E    Hip:    Circumference around hip and the largest part of the bum ........ cm.

Measurement    F    Skirt Length:    The desired skirt length measured down from the waist ........ cm.

Standard Size:    Your present standard ladies Ready to Wear Size .........?

For a Custom Made to Measure Costume:    Please indicate which Costume .........?


To provide for ease of noting your measurements, we suggest to use the response form below.

Alternatively, you can just send us an email, using the link below. If you prefer to send us an email, just select the above text and paste into your response.

Please note that the measurements you provide, are the actual body measurements.

We subsequently interpret these to a garment fit size, i.e. with ease for comfort wear fitting.

If you have any questions or require assistance in any way, we are pleased to offer our full support.


Custom Made to Measure Enquiry Form

I would like to have a custom made / personal design, tailored to my specific desires.

My personal measurements, using the above table and guidance, are noted in the textbox below.
A summary of my personal preferences, for a particular design, are also noted.

Note: if you want to send an example style photo or drawing (e.g. from a web site / magazine), we suggest that you contact us via , with the attached file / link.


Custom Made to Measure Enquiry Form    Personal Measurements    — * Required
Contact Information — * Required

Please check your form entries.
Just click the "Send Order" button once; server will respond within a couple of seconds.
We thank you for your enquiry.

We remind that all received information, is treated with the strictest privacy and in full confidence; please refer: Privacy / Security Policy
We shall process your order / enquiry during office hours. Normally, we shall respond within 1 working day.